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Trust is that kind of entity that is formed by executing a trust deed. Trust needs to be registered under the Indian Trust Act and would be governed by the same. The soul of trust lies in the motto behind its introduction which says to transfer property from owners to the trust and that this is done for lawful purposes.

Steps/Process to register a Trust


To form a trust and register it, the most important thing, Trust Deed has to be drafted. Although this isn't mandatory, it can be enforced by law over time. Trust deed requires a lot of attention as it covers major and minuscule details about the trust. If availing of tax exemptions is one of the top priorities, then the trust needs to be registered as an NGO. You would be receiving full knowledge and support through our services of trust registration in Delhi at Luxe, once you let us onboard your business registration ship. We know the right process and easy ways to ensure your trust is launched gracefully.

Facts about a Trust

  • There are two variants in Trust: Public trust which is popularly also known as a charitable trust and the other one is private trust.
  • Public Trust : In this type of trust, general public avail the benefits of the services offered by the trust.
  • Private Trust : Here, only a section of people or particular group members entitle to become beneficiaries. A trust deed plays a significant role in trust as it outlines the objectives and goals for which the trust was set up. Although private trust doesn't get much of the government privileges and tax benefits, public trust can enjoy tax exemptions. While there is a lower limit of two members to form a trust, there is no cutoff in the upper bounds.

Documents Required for Trust Registration

  • Two passport size photos
  • Trustees’ details
  • Voter Id/Aadhar Card/Driving License/Passport
  • Utility Bill such as Water bill or Gas bill
  • NOC from the landlord if the office is in rented space
  • Property papers if the office is in owned space
  • Settlers and witnesses are needed to be physically present at the registration time along with their original ID proofs.

If you would like to get the Trust Registration job (Trust Registration service) completed all by yourself, it would be time-consuming and confusing. There isn't one single source of information that can clear your doubts as policies and procedures change over time. We at Luxe, are specialized in this field and have good experience and expert knowledge in getting things done smoothly and hassle-freely.

You could plan your business by sipping a cup of coffee peacefully while we take care of the registration process for your ambitious and successful Trust Registration.

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