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Shop & Establishment Registration

A Shop and Establishment license is mandatory if you own a shop or a commercial establishment in India. The maximum allowed time is 30 days, and you shall apply and submit the license to the Chief Inspector of your state.

Shop & Establishment Registration: What it is?

The registration is carried out according to the Shop and Establishment Act in India. This act outlines the work conditions and lists out the employees’ rights in a sector. It applies to all the establishments which are run to earn a profit, and thus, it would apply to even societies, educational institutes, and charitable trusts. The Department of Labor supervises this act.

Aspects covered under the Act

Few aspects that the Shop & Establishment Act monitors are mentioned below.
  • Weekly holidays
  • Work hours
  • Leave policy
  • Accidents
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Wages deduction policy
  • Fire precaution
  • Record Keeping

Points to be noted before applying

After you get a Shop and Establishment License, it is mandatory in India to show the license while doing the business daily. The fees to be paid would vary according to the size of the organization i.e. based on the employee count. The certificate has to be renewed every year.

Procedure for Registration

  • You can apply in both the modes: Online & Offline
  • Fill the appropriate application from the official website.
  • Upload the soft copies of the required documents and submit the form from the screen.
A chief Inspector would review your application, and you would be obtaining the registration certificate after successful verification. The Shop & Establishment act has different rules in different states. At Luxe, we understand this very well. We have oriented our services in such a way that you can relax and stretch your hands comfortably while we get your job done at a quick pace.

Documents required for Shop and Commercial Establishment Registration

  • Utility Bill of the establishment (e.g. electricity bill)
  • PAN Card/Voter Id/Aadhar Card
  • Shop & Owner's photographs
  • Rental Agreement (if rented)
  • Property Papers (if owned)

If you would like to get the Shop & Establishment Registration job completed all by yourself, it would be time-consuming and confusing. There isn't one single source of information that can clear your doubts as policies and procedures change over time. We at Luxe, are specialized in this field and have a good experience and expert knowledge on getting things done smoothly and hassle-freely.

You could plan your business by sipping a cup of coffee peacefully while we take care of the registration process for your ambitious and successful Shop & Establishment Registration.

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