SITRA Registration

Sitra/DRDO Registration Process

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SITRA has facilities to test a variety of materials and to name a few are :-

  • Textile products – fibre, yarn, fabrics, apparels, home textiles, composites, etc
  • Water – used for different purposes such as drinking, construction, dyeing, irrigation, effluent, from various industries can be tested for required parameters Viz., BOD, COD, Heavy metals, TOC, Microbiological tests, etc.
  • Sizing chemicals
  • Metals, alloys, slag
  • Plant powder samples
  • General / functional tests – water repellency, flammability, shrinkage, barium activity number, etc.
  • Oil, wax, chemicals – purity as per IS specification
  • Manure / coir pith
  • Colour fastness to different agents – washing, rubbing, perspiration, light, etc.
  • Defect analysis on woven and knitted fabrics (both grey and processed), stain removal, holes, strength loss, etc.
  • Purity of chemicals
  • Environmental samples
  • Refractories samples
  • Eco tests – Formaldehyde, Chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, banned arylamines, phthalate esters, APEO/NPEO, PVC content, chlorinated organic careers, organo metallic tin compounds, etc.

SITRA-The South India Textile Research Association Overview

SITRA, an acronym for The South India Textile Research Association, and established in the year 1956, is governed by a Council of Administration consisting of member representatives of the Industry, Government and Scientists. SITRA is sponsored by the Industry and is supported by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. SITRA has a full range of sophisticated textile testing instruments and modern machines and is one of the best equipped textile research organisations in the World.

Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), Defence Research & Development Organisation,(DRDO) Ministry of Defence, Delhi also has been authorized for laboratory testing Product submitted by prospective manufacturers in India. A laboratory test Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Test is conducted and a Test Report is issued for the same by INMAS.

Certification Required

  • SITRA Registration/DRDO Registration
  • GMP Certification
  • CE Certification
  • US FDA Certification
  • ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015

Process of sample submission for SITRA/DRDO

  • • Please pack your samples in a polythene cover and courier it to SITRA’s address given in the website
  • • Enclose a covering letter, preferably on your company letterhead, and containing details of your company’s email mobile no & GST number
  • • Please furnish details of the samples and the tests to be conducted therein.
  • • If multiple samples are included, please indicate that
  • • If payment has already been made, please indicate the UTR number for us to track your payment
  • Please also note that, as per the new guidelines of the Ministry of Textiles, all coverall as well as coverall fabric manufacturers need to submit an Affidavit, furnished on a Rs.500/- stamp paper which is duly notorised, before they can receive their test reports.

SITRACentre of Excellence for Medical textiles has facilities to test and report Product used in medical field. The laboratory has been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), New Delhi, as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2017,DRDO Registration in India,DRDO

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