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procedure to apply B&B License in delhi

            Key Point to be remember while submitting license for B&B
  1. Application Form should be submitted through online with correct information.
  2. Demand Draft/bank Draft of Rs.5000/- for Gold category and Rs.3000/- for Silver Category registration in favour of Principal Secretary (Tourism), Government of N.C.T. of Delhi should be submitted in the office (by hand) or Speed Post, addressed to Head of Office.

Documents Required For Bed & Breakfast License

1.       In case, the applicant(s) possess the property through Rent/Lease Agreement or the applicant is not individually legal owner of the premises than a Special Power of Attorney(SPA) in favour of the applicant(s) duly registered by Sub-Registrar for a minimum period of 04 years.(Please upload the SPA and original document to be provided at the time of inspection).

2.       Police Verification report (in original) in prescribed format.

3.       Passport Size Photograph of the applicant.

4.       Self declaration by Applicant 

5.       Layout Plan of all floors (separately on A4 size sheet) of the premises which is possession of the applicant

6.       Proof of residence (Voter I.D. / Valid Passport / Valid License / Ration Card/Aadhar Card) of the of the applicant ID proof of applicant/ owner and ID proof of other family members to be provided at the time of inspection.

7.       Family background note of the applicant.

8.       Proof of ownership :
Copy of Sale Deed/Conveyance Deed/Attorney Lease/Lease Documents. (Please upload online only First, Second and Last page and complete document to be provided at the time of inspection).

9.       Scan Copy of DD (Demand Draft should not be older / earlier than 10 days prior to date of submission).

10.     copy of earlier approval/rejection order (if applicable).


1.       For Ownership proof, only registered documents will be accepted.

2.       Notarized documents will not be accepted.

3.       Special Power of Attorney will be accepted only registered for validity of minimum 04 years.

4.       Police Verification Report will be accepted only in the prescribed format (Form-B).

5.       Original documents to be provided at the time of inspection for verification.

6.       The Prescribed Authority / Special Secretary (Tourism) has fixed time limit of 03 months for submission of all requisite documents from the date of filling of application by the applicant. Failure to submit the documents would render the application invalid and registration money forfeited vide order No. F. 9(16)/BNB/TSM/2018/3994-3998 dated 12.11.2018.

Checklist For Documents Required for Guest House License,Hotel/Restaurant License online in Delhi India

1.Proof of identity; Aadhar Card or in case the applicant does not have Aadhar Card, an alternative identification proof which may include – Passport, Voter Identification Card, PAN Card or Driving Licence. 
2. Proof of address; Aadhaar or Voter ID or Passport or Electricity Bill or Landline Telephone Bill or Rent/Lease Deed or Property Ownership documents) 
3. Certificate of Incorporation of Proprietorship, LLP, Partnership, Limited, Private Ltd., Public Ltd., Company. 
4. Names of Directors & Current DIR – 12& Board Resolution for conducting business; Nomination of Authorised signatory/applicant, on letter head. 
5. Proof of ownership/tenancy/lease of premises of the Establishment, (registered sale deed, registered lease/rent deed, GPA, Gift deed, Conveyance deed, Allotment letter). 
6. Copy of last paid Water Bill 
7. Copy of last paid Electricity Bill 
8. Structural Safety Certificate of the building issued by architect/empanelled structural engineer 
9. Electrical Safety Certificate issued by the Electrical Inspector, Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi or an Electrical Contractor duly licenced by them. 
10. Is there any passenger lift in use for the Eating House? If yes, date of last mechanical inspection conducted. Attach copy of fitness/safety certificate issued by Inspector of Lifts, Labour Department, GNCT Delhi. 
11. Details of property tax paid If yes, upload receipt thereof. 
12. Details of regularization charges paid.(required only if building bye laws have not been complied with) 
13. Details of conversion charges paid as applicable under MPD-2021. If yes, upload receipt thereof. (required only if there has been change of land use.) 
14. Details of parking charges paid to the Urban Local Body. If yes, upload receipt thereof. (not required if sufficient in house parking space is available) 
15. Proof of source of water supply ----- (for CTE & CTO) 
16. Noise Report of D.G. Set(s) (for Concern to operate only) 
17. Proof of provision for two bin system for solid waste management: (for Concern to operate only) 
18. Proof of installation of organic waste convertor (for Concern to operate only) 
19. Proof of installation of Rain Water Harvesting Pits (for Concern to operate only) 
20. Registration Certificate under Shops & Establishment Acts, issued by Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi. 
21. FSSAI Certificate. (required only for Eating Establishments) 
22. GST Registration Certificate in the name of the Establishment 
23. PAN of the Proprietor/Company/Firm 
24. Details of Pest Control measures taken (attach certificate) 
25. Does the Establishment permits/ proposes to permit smoking in the premises. Note: Eating Houses with seating capacity below 30 seats and Lodging Houses below 30 rooms are not permitted to provide smoking zone. If no, furnish affidavit on the prescribed format declaring that the Establishment is a complete no smoking area. If yes, details of space earmarked for smoking in terms of G.S.R. No. 500(E) dated 23rd May, 2017, (COTPA Act 2003). 
26. Prescribed Affidavit for Delhi Police 
27. Prescribed Affidavit/Undertaking for Municipal Bodies 
28. Prescribed Certificate for Delhi Fire Service as per Rule 35(2) of DFS Rules, 2010 
29. Proof of installation of CCTV system with 30 days recording such as invoice, technical report of installation, or AMC, and photographs, etc. 
30. List of all employees with name, parentage & address along with Police Verification Certificate or proof of submission thereof in jurisdictional Police Station. 
31. Medical Certificate of the employees with photographs 
32. List of trained Fire Staff (for lodging establishments only) 
33. Sanction/ approved/ as built plans of the premises/ establishment 
34. Project Report giving details of the unit, proposed capital investment, various activities, nos. of workers & employees, Manufacturing Process in Detail with flow chart, raw materials, products & byproducts (with quantity per day), details of water consumption& discharge, source of waste water/ emissions and proposed pollution control system/ measures (details of design & constitute units), as applicable --- (for CTE only) 
35. Lay out plan –In the layout plan of the unit dimensions & directions are to be indicated so that exact boundary of the unit is known ----- (for CTE only) 
36. Proof of possession of plot/ allotment letter/ lease deed. In case of rental premises, valid rent agreement. ----- (for CTE only) 
37. Original authorization letter except in case of individual proprietary concern. ----- (for CTE only) 
38. Certificate from Chartered Accountant. --- (For CTO only) 
39. ETP/STP effluent analysis report from empanelled laboratory of DPCC not more than six month old, if applicable --- (For CTO only) 
40. Stack monitoring report(s) from empanelled laboratory of DPCC not more than six month old , if applicable --- (For CTO only) 
41. Copy of CGWA/DJB/DC Permission/ Registration ----(optional in CTO) 
42. Proof of conformity with the provisions of Master Plan of Delhi from the concerned authority/local body shall be taken. OR Relevant provision in the Master Plan showing conformity of the activity shall be taken. ---------(For CTO only) 
43. Proof regarding connection of their drainage system to the Public / Municipal / Delhi Jal Board Sewer from the concerned Authority (DJB/MCD/NDMC/DCB). OR Self-certified undertaking that the unit is having proper connection of their drainage system to the Public /Municipal /Delhi Jal Board Sewer shall be taken where units are located in the sewered areas. ---------(For CTO only) 
44. Valid License from Food Safety Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi in case of the units using tobacco as raw material. ----(optional in CTO) 45. Environmental Clearance certificate for hotel having built up area more than 20000 sq mts.

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