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Steps to transfer the shares in a private limited company

  • The first step is to obtain a share transfer deed that is to be executed between the transferor and the transferee.
  • Make sure that the share transfer deed has all the stamps as per the provisions of the Indian Stamps Act
  • When signing the share transfer deed, make sure that a witness is present. Get their details as well
  • Attach the share transfer deed with the share certificate. Afterwards, deliver the same to the company.
  • Based on the correctness of details in the share transfer deed, the board of directors pass the resolution to register the transfer.
  • These are the steps of share transfer. However, there can also be the case where the board refuses to register the transfer. In such case, the transferee has to informed regarding the same within 30 days of this resolution.

What is the purpose of share transfer (There can be several reasons as to why the shares are needed to be transferred. These reasons can be: )

  • Transferring the ownership of the company to others.
  • Change the stake of shareholders.
  • These two are the main reasons as to why shares might be needed to be transferred in a private limited company. The process of this transfer involves the following: ( Before you take any action on changing your share structure within your company contact Expert of Luxe finalyzer so we can understand and advise on Share transfer. )

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