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Patent Registration

Anything patented would mean that an exclusive right is provided to the inventor to stop any usage of his/her invention by others without the inventor’s permission.

Types of Patents

  • At present, patents can be classified into four categories.
  • Plant Patent: For those who have either discovered or invented or reproduced new variety by any means.
  • Design Patent: For development or invention of new design relating to machines, products or a process.
  • Reissue Patents: This is to rectify the error present in the existing Patent.
  • Utility Patent: Issued for inventions that involve the creation of something new and useful on machines, processes, and products.

Documents Required for the Patent Registration

  • Patent Application according to Form-1 format - 3 Copies
  • Provision/Complete Specification - 3 Copies
  • Drawing - 3 Copies
  • Form-26: Power of Attorney required if you are filing through an inventor agent
  • An endorsement or separate agreement that could act as proof of right
  • If the patent involves any kind of biological material from India, the applicant would need to obtain permission from the National Biodiversity Authority

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