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Who is Required to File Gst Return Gstr 3B ?

Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India, registered taxpayers are required to file GST returns to report their business transactions and tax liability to the government.
The following persons are required to file GST returns:
Regular taxpayers - Registered taxpayers who carry out taxable transactions are required to file monthly or quarterly returns, depending on their turnover.
Composition scheme taxpayers - Small taxpayers who have opted for the composition scheme are required to file quarterly returns.
Input Service Distributors - Persons who distribute input tax credit among different branches of the same business are required to file monthly returns.
Non-resident taxpayers - Non-resident taxpayers who carry out taxable transactions in India are required to file monthly returns.
E-commerce operators - E-commerce operators who facilitate the supply of goods or services through their platform are required to file monthly returns.
It's important to note that even if a registered person does not have any business activity during a particular period, they are still required to file a Nil return for that period.

Penalty On Missing GST Due Date

<h2 times="" new="" roman",="" serif;="" caret-color:="" rgb(0,="" 0,="" 0);="" color:="" 0);"="" style="margin: 0in 0in 7.5pt; color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">
<p times="" new="" roman",="" serif;="" caret-color:="" rgb(0,="" 0,="" 0);="" color:="" 0);"="" style="margin: 0in 0in 7.5pt; font-size: medium;"><span open="" sans",="" sans-serif;="" color:="" rgb(53,="" 52,="" 52);"="" style="font-size: 11pt;" lang="EN-IN">In such case, where taxpayers do not file their returns within specified due dates mentioned, he is obliged to pay a late fee of Rs. 50/day i.e. Rs. 25 per day in each case of CGST and SGST (in case of any tax liability) and Rs. 20/day i.e. Rs. 10/- day in each CGST and SGST (in case of Nil tax liability) subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/-, from the given due date to the actual date when the returns are finally filed

GST Payment Due Dates for Both General & Composition Scheme Taxpayers

  • General: 20th Day of the Next Month
  • Composition: 18th Day of the Next Month of Quarter
  • Non-Resident: 20th Day of the Next Month
  • Input Service Distributor: 13th Day of the Next Month
  • TDS Deductor: 10th Day of the Next Month
  • TCS Collector: 10th Day of the Next Month


  • GSTR 1: GSTR-1 is a GST return in which we have to file the sales Data that includes a business name, GSTIN, dates of invoices,Taxable value, Tax ,advances received against supplies.
  • GSTR-2A: This is another type of return that includes details of goods and services purchased by an entity & it will be shown in Seller Portal in GSTR 2A. It is the responsibility of the seller to add all the information, you as a buyer just need to verify it.
  • GSTR-3B: The is a consolidated summary return of inward and outward supplies that the Government of India has introduced as a way to relax the requirements for businesses that have recently transitioned to GST. The GSTR-3B for a particular month should be filed by the 20th of the following month. For example, GSTR-3B for July should be filed by the 20th of August, and the GSTR-3B for the month of August should be filed by the 20th of September and so on.
  • GSTR-4: Small taxpayers who have a turnover of up to 1.5 Crores need often opt for a compensation scheme. As a part of this scheme, a taxpayer pays taxes at a fixed rate. The fixed rate is 2 percent for manufacturers, 1 percent for suppliers and 5 percent for restaurant service sector. Such taxpayers need to file a quarterly return called GSTR-4. Some details need to be shared during GST online payment of quarterly return are the total value of supply done during the quarter, details of payment of tax and declaration of invoice-level purchase information.
  • GSTR-9: All the taxpayers of GST need to pay an annual return to ensure that there is complete transparency with regard to a taxpayers’ activity. While filing this GST return online, the taxpayer needs to provide details of all income and expenditure while regrouping them as per monthly returns. This tax return helps in correcting any short reporting of activities. The due date for this tax is 31st December of next financial year.

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