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Liquor License

If you would like to set up a business that involves sales of alcohol and related beverages, then you need a permit from the government in the form of a Liquor License. A license is required not only for sales but also for distributing and manufacturing alcohol. The list of such businesses would contain bars, hotels, restaurants, or any such establishment where you serve alcohol. To obtain a liquor license, you would have to follow the rules and restrictions placed by the respective state governments.

Rules & Regulations to be followed after obtaining Liquor License

  • It is safe to say that you are legally allowed to sell alcohol
  • There is a restriction on the alcohol quantity sold at a time
  • Types of Alcohol beverages sold for which license is acquired
  • It is highly regulated, to whom you are going to sell

Different types of Liquor Licenses

Primarily, there are two types of liquor license when it comes to selling alcohol


In those cases, where it is intended that the liquor is consumed at the premises itself. E.g. Bars & Restaurants


In those cases where the liquor is intended to be consumed outside the premises. E.g. liquor shops.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, other types are issued by each of the state governments in India. A few of them are presented here.

  • L-1 License
  • L-3 License
  • L-6 License
  • L-9 License
  • L-10 License
  • P-13 License
  • P-10 License

Documents required for getting Liquor License

  • Applicant's ID Proof
  • Applicant's Address Proof
  • NOC from the local fire department
  • NOC from the local municipal
  • If applying as a company, then MOA and AOA
  • Application that contains business details
  • Directors list if it is a company
  • IT return Latest copy

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