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12A & 80G Registration

If you are running an NGO, then you shall have a decent knowledge of 12A & 80G registration. There are various benefits to an NGO or a trust or an institution after registering under it. One of the most remarkable benefits is the rebate on the income tax.

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The process of registration is a tough job and requires a solid knowledge about the rules and regulations prescribed for registration. At Luxe, we have staff who are working over 15 years in this field, is your defacto choice for consulting about the registration process. We take care of every detail to ensure you have a pleasant experience overall.

Registration procedure

  • Fill and apply in the appropriate format provided on the website to the IT Department.
  • The applying firm would get a notice from the Income Tax Department asking for clarifications from you within 2-3 months.
The commissioner would then write down an order that would officially register your organization under the respective categories of the Income Tax Act for which registration has been applied.

Documents required for 12A & 80G Registration (12A)

  • Registration copy that is self-attested and is from the registrar of firm
  • AOA and MOA
  • NOC from the landowner if rented
  • PAN Card details of the NGO/Trust

Documents required for 12A & 80G Registration (80G)

  • Registration certificate
  • MOA and AOA
  • Institution's PAN Card
  • Utility bill of the institution
  • Progress report of the NGO, for either 3 years or from the starting date
  • 12A registration copy
  • The entire process takes about three to four months for completion. Yet, you shall not be worried regarding the time as you will have many benefits. Alongside that, the registration is only for one time and doesn't require renewals like any other registrations.

If you would like to get the 12A & 80G Registration job completed all by yourself, it would be time-consuming and confusing. There isn't one single source of information that can clear your doubts as policies and procedures change over time. We at Luxe, are specialized in this field and have a good experience and expert knowledge on getting things done smoothly and hassle-freely.

You could plan your business by sipping a cup of coffee peacefully while we take care of the registration process for your ambitious and successful 12A & 80G Registration.

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