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Proprietorship Firm Registration Overview

There are many types of business and a proprietorship firm is one popular kind. Proprietorship or sole proprietorship is owned, controlled, and managed by one single person. Most often, this sort of structure becomes a defacto choice for those willing to offer services or do merchandise as this comes with numerous benefits and suits best for businesses that work on a small and medium scale.

Groceries are one good example of a Proprietorship firm. Low cost in setting up and minimal compliances are a few lucrative features that attract small-level investors. It best suits those, who target to put up businesses that are mostly small or unorganized.

Get in touch with us and learn how to register sole proprietorship in india, how sole proprietorship firms operate and run firm registration charges.

There is no specific government registration needed in order to start a sole proprietorship business in India. However, you Can apply for Msme registration, and Shop & Establishment License & you do need to open a current account with a bank in the name of the business. if turnover is more than the threesold limit then you can apply for GST Registration in some cases u have to take GST registration without crossing threesold too because your clients because they expected to Need tax start a proprietorship Fees & all compliances are also nominal & easier.

Proprietorship: Benefits of Proprietorship firm Registration in India

  • Solo Show : In a proprietorship, you are the person who is whole and solely responsible for the business running.
  • Easy to Start and Close : Registration is quite simple and hence, one may find it easy to complete the formalities.
  • Low Cost and Taxes : Income tax is not needed for proprietorship up to 3 lakh rupees of income. One of the major drawbacks presents here is the absence of tax deductions that are usually otherwise available with entities such as LLP.
  • Minimal Compliance : These sorts of firms are acknowledged only because they are registered with the government and for the taxes. An auditor is not necessary and there are many more features that can be added to the list.
  • Business Name - Your choice : You are privileged to choose any name for your firm until and unless you don't touch the registered trademarks. This also means anyone is free to use your business name till the time you get a trademark registration.

Documents required for Proprietorship Firm registration

  • Name & Nature of Firm
  • Pan Card
  • Adhar Card/Voter ID/DL/Passport
  • Electricity Bill
  • Rent Agreement (in case of Rented)
  • Photo
  • Mobile No & Email Id

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